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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Rosica and Gregory Baum - salt is pepper and light is darkness

November 2, 2012


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many nasty e-mails will now be sent to Mr. Voris, lol


Anonymous said...

This interview and Fr. Rosica's statement “I’ve certainly admired very much your theology" has caused scandal to the faithful in Canada. Until Fr. Rosica makes a public apology to Canadian Catholics I will no longer support Salt & Light TV and will encourage others to do so.
I would rather be a "sad" and "angry" Orthodox Crusader than to be joyfull in promoting dissent

Barona said...

I think the only resolution is Fr. Rosica's resignation from Salt and Light. If one supports Baum, one has to go. If one does not support Baum, but creates a confusing impression of support(?) one still has to go. The Faith is far too important for ambiguity. Clarity is needed. It is not enough for Slat and Light to produce nice magazines with nice covers (e.g. Pius XII, Brother Andre, Pope John Paul II etc.). here we have the very contradiction: which is the real Salt and Light? Is it these saints .... or, or dare I say: is it the "Church" according to Gregory Baum (whose theology Fr. Rosica "admires")? Can Fr. Rosica admire and laud Pius XII and John Paul II whilst knowing that everything they stood for Baum rejects?

The Bishops of Canada (amongst others) have influence and authority over the Salt and Light apostolate. As I have pointed out at other times, no man may claim to be an evangelizer without submission to the divinely constituted hierarchy. The bishops now need to take S +L in hand and bring change. We all know about the dangers of being a "celebrity" priest. EWTN has had a number of sad incidents, an it would seem that S + L has just had hers.

Dear Fr. Rosica: you have done much good at S + L. There is much good programming. But S + L is not about personalities, it is about the Faith. For the good of the Church in Canada, I respectfully ask that you resign.

Anonymous said...

I miss EWTN...sigh...