"RORATE" Traditional Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Francis calls on Catholics to join the "Cultural Revolution" - Will we take his great leap forward!

"There is a real cultural revolution on the horizon of history at this time. The Church must, first and foremost, be part of it. In this perspective, it is essential to honestly recognize her weaknesses and shortcomings." Bergoglio of Rome

Yes, the Bishop of Rome said that; - that the Holy Bride of Christ must be part of the coming "cultural revolution," and must regard her "weaknesses and shortcomings."

Blasphemous commentary on the Bride of Christ!

The Church must join the coming, Cultural Revolution? As Adfero wrote at Rorate Caeli, "Let that sink in."

You know friends, where you've heard that before, right? You don't need to be deeply steeped in history do you?

Will he soon give us Bergoglio's Little Red Book too? So now, instead of just an old Peronist we have a Moaist Pope!

Will this be our "great leap forward?"


Eirene said...

If this latest news does not galvanise Cdl Burke and one other into action with the correction - then nothing will and he may as well throw it in the waste paper basket! I am puzzled at the length of time it has taken for the cardinal et al to get this thing moving.
I've heard of caution (and all that blah about caritas and obedience) but this takes the cake!

Kathleen1031 said...

He's probably feeling the mojo, but also the pressure of the resistance. All military know when the time is right to advance, and when to retreat. He's growing bolder, those words were not casually selected by Smoochie, they were carefully selected. "Cultural revolution", Comrades, it's all the rage.

Please Jesus, come to our rescue and remove this apostate from your house. Help us, we do not know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...anyone remembers the Culture Club with an androgynous Boy George back in the 80s? Fast forward to 2017 and you have a Cultural Revolution spearheaded by another George (Jorge), also as libertine as BG. Lol

Annie said...

"You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
You'd better free your mind instead."

To think that John Lennon is saner than Pope Francis is something else to let sink in.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The Church has been at the forefront of this cultural revolution for quite some time now. Pope Montini's directive to Churchmen to stop the evaluation of the stuff coming from Hollywood that has been forming many generations now with ever increasing levels of filth normalization and sin celebration should not be underestimated.

Now we have a pope who in unity with the ungodly or anti-God UN calls children "agents of change". An alternative use of the historically accurate term - "Red Guards" - would change nothing. Not only does Bergoglio see children as agents to be brainwashed and used to overthrow the civilization our ancestor have built ("Honour your mother and your father" is another one of these outdated, rigid commandments which have to go), he tells them to go and "make mess". Mess-making can easily be translated as - destroying the God-given order and creation of disorder, chaos. Isn't it exactly what our occult, satanic leaders have been pushing for? Order out of chaos? New order, of course.

It is useful to listen to what our leaders are openly saying to us. For example, Henry Kissinger, Pierre Eliot Trudeau, as well as Obama's adviser Anita Dunn, have all publicly praised Mao Zedong. Anita Dunn praised him in a speech given to high-schoolers, in the same breath as she praised Mother Theresa (as her favorite political philosophers). The other two praised Mao in own political writings.

Isn't the Vatican receiving funding from George Soros, another anti-Church revolutionary, to organize conferences pushing for this cultural revolution? Didn't Wiki Leaks reveal a plot for another one of those color revolutions in the Church? - Yes, they did. Hilary Clinton, Bergoglio's candidate preached: "And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed."

We have known all of this a long time, yet it was too hard to swallow. We were in denial.

www.inquisition.ca said...

^This a thousand times! Thanks "Eirene"!

TLM said...

I agree 100% Eireen! Michael Matt had a video on people becoming too impatient with Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Brandmueller in delivering the Fraternal Correction. He went on to say that #Burke was wanting to make sure things were done properly and to do that takes time. The problem we are all having, is that we the faithful laity are watching the Church burn to the ground and souls lost in the meantime, while the Cardinals ever so meticulously put things in place. I do know also that upon listening to Cardinal Burke's every word since the publication of the Dubia, that he is TERRIFIED of seeing himself responsible for being the catalyst to cause a formal schism. But I'm wondering if he doesn't realize that 'informally' we already ARE in schism? Does it make a difference? Have we not ALREADY lost souls that have left the Church due to the heresies Francis promulgates? Does the 'Formality' matter? I think that may be above my pay grade to determine, but again this 'Formal Fraternal Correction' has taken WAY too long to really do much good. Just my 2cents.

BillyHW said...

The church does have plenty of shortcomings. Most especially all the homosexual priests, bishops and popes!

Anonymous said...

He's being true to his master, the devil. I think I'll refer to him from here on as Pope Sicnarf because he's completely backwards on all things concerning God and His Church. And he's so bold about it because he knows the world follows him.

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio's mind lives in filth.

If there will be a cultural revolution, the church must give witness against it - has Bergoglio not noticed the 1970's till now?

But there will be no cultural revolution.

There will be a nuclear annihilation of nations by unconsecrated Russia as punishment.

Bergoglio talks in vague terms because he knows nothing and lives in darkness. What a stupid, evil man.

Johnno said...

I've always gotta laugh at those Catholics who stubbornly insisted the Consecration of Russia was done despite how obvious that it wasn't and that Communism was no longer a threat any more.

I don't know what possessed these folks to bet against the Mother of God...

No amount of fake Sr. Lucia letters can cover up the Communist Apostasy now reigning from the top.

You'd think Francis parading around with a Hammer/Sickle Crucifix might've tipped them off, but we always underestimate the lengths people go through to maintain their cognitive dissonance.

Someone let Trump know that the real election collusion was likely a result of reds in bishop's robes. Particularly the chief one who doesn't like those red shoes.

Eirene said...

Dear Johnno - Agree whole heartedly! Especially since those "red shoes" were meant to be worn by the Shepherd, to remind him each time he slipped his feet into them, of the blood of the martyrs! Those faithful and faith filled saints who underwent unimaginable tortures, trials and mutilations for the love of Our Lord, God and Saviour JESUS CHRIST!
Actually, I don't believe the current incumbent is worthy to even look at those Red Shoes - unless he is lying flat on his face in profound and abject repentance!

Anonymous said...

He has twice stumbled and fell before Miraculous Icons of the Virgin ,one been Our Lady of Czestochowa,the man who refuses to kneel before his Lord in the Blessed Sacrement.A reminder that to the Virgin Mary ,God has reserved the victory over heresies.

Anonymous said...


Peter Lamb said...

"Please Jesus, come to our rescue and remove this apostate from your house. Help us, we do not know what to do." Pope montini, ephod-wearing judeo-masonic sodomite. "We have known all of this a long time, yet it was too hard to swallow. We were in denial." "... we the faithful laity are watching the Church burn to the ground and souls lost in the meantime ... he is TERRIFIED of seeing himself responsible for being the catalyst to cause a formal schism." "The church does have plenty of shortcomings. Most especially all the homosexual priests, bishops and popes!" "... we always underestimate the lengths people go through to maintain their cognitive dissonance."

The Bark of Christ has neither shortcomings, nor is it burning to the ground, sinking, nor in any way is it blemished. She sails on serenely - infallible, indefectible and indestructable as always and for always, heading for her final anchorage in the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Many have deserted her and cling to the doomed hulk of satan. They cling to cognitive dissonance and lies - don't desert Peter's Bark in her passage through a tempest! The Bark of Peter has sailed through many tempests and always emerged whole and intact, but never has She taken heresy, apostasy, or any evil sailors aboard. Her Captain is infinitely perfect, therefore She is infinitely perfect also. She can never be blemished, or She would no longer be infinitely perfect. The Bark of Christ cannot be the hulk of satan for Christ has nought with belial.

Those aboard the hulk are confused, worried, disturbed, frightened. Those aboard the Bark are confident, safe, secure and filled with hope. They sail just as their Fathers did, unperturbed, unaffected by the tempest around them; their Faith never tossed about like waves. They have left the rotting hulk far behind them as it sinks into the depths of hell.

There is no blemished Bark. There are two vessels - the Bark and the rotting hulk. Two vessels separate and distinct. Our first mate on the Bark shouts loud and clear - "If any sets a course other than I have given you, LET THEM BE ANATHEMA! Please God, let those who have ears to hear, hear.

Katalina said...

Please do not blame Pope Blessed Paul VI for what Francis has done. He By the way was not a homosexual he was asked about this publicly and denied it.

Tom A. said...

I hear you, Peter.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Katalina, Please read:


TLM said...

I'm sure you will cover this eventually Vox, but also here in the states we had a cozy little 'conflab' about how to implement (enforce is more like it) A.L. and all of its heresies with some of our top dogs, Cardinals and 'theologians'. (Cupich, the Bishop of Malta, Spadaro (sp?) and the like. You know, all the 2+2=5 clerics. They basically decided that we must outright reject infantilization of our faith. In other words, we must 'grow up' in our faith, and put away all those silly, rigid ol' 'rules' that we've been living by all this time. That's for babies. It's high time we GROW UP, and decide for ourselves what God wants of us and which 'irregularities' we are living that He is actually 'ok' with. It's our 'experience' with sin that matters. If we are 'experienced' then it must be ok for us, our own conscience would tell us otherwise you know!

The wolves are running the hen house.

Peter Lamb said...

Today is the anniversary of the death of our last known true Pope.
Pope Pius XII, 2 March, 1876 - 9 October, 1958. How different the world was then!


Stephen Lowe said...

All due respect but the only true revolution happened 2000 years ago. What is wrong with this man?

Anonymous said...


TLM said...

"What is wrong with this man?"....he goes by the beat of a different drum. An ugly evil sounding drum.

Anonymous said...

If you have an hour, you must listen to this chilling presentation by Elizabeth Yore detailing the godless details:


Tom A. said...

Same thing that is wrong with all heretics.